People's Right's Party

Time left to South Africa’s most Important Election since 1994.


PEOPLE’S RIGHTS PARTY is a multiracial political party striving to advance the rights of all, but especially the rights of the diverse people of the Western Cape.

PEOPLE’S RIGHTS PARTY vision is a Safe Non Oppressive, Non Violent Humanitarian South Africa which are all equal before the Law and has access to clean drinking water and sanitation. Affordable Housing, Healthcare, Education and Sustainable Job Creation in a Vibrant Economy.

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epa06453016 Residents of Cape Town wait in line to collect drinking water from a mountain spring collection point in Cape Town, South Africa, 19 January 2018. Cape Town will become the first major city in recent history to run out water. The City of Cape Town is currently in the midst of a severe water crisis. 'Day Zero' when the water runs out in the city is estimated to be 22 April 2018. Day Zero comes when the dam levels reach 13.5 percent and most taps will be turned off. Currently dam levels are at 28.7 percent.  EPA/NIC BOTHMA

The People’s Rights Party brings hope for a strong, prosperous and purpose-driven community. We are a new political party standing for fair, equal opportunities. We recognize that vibrant, healthy families are the building blocks of a strong, value-based society.

The People’s Rights Party stands for a shared future and is determined to provide reliable, trustworthy leaders who are passionate about addressing the needs and improving the lives of our people and especially our diverse people of the Western Cape.

The People’s Rights Party is your hope for a great future of our people!

Crime Plan

We at People’s Rights Party believe that Crime is the one thing that prevent our people to move forward in life.ZERO tolerance on crime, all crime! Protection and safety of every citizen is most important to a healthy, happy society. We have lived with crime for way too long.

Affordable Housing

We at People’s Rights Party believes that Housing is one of our community’s biggest problems that need to be prioritised. We at People’s Rights Party have plans in place to implement to eradicate the shortage of housing for our people.

Job Creation

We at People’s Rights Party believe that Job Creation is one of the most important sectors of government. We at People’s Rights Party have plans in place to implement our Job Creation strategy and ensuring jobs to our people on merit only.People Rights Party will strive to eradicate poverty and address the failure of the current government to manage the unacceptable and ever increasing rate of unemployment among all sections of the population.


We at People’s Rights Party believe that corruption is an evil and a sickness that has been allowed to root itself in South Africa and as long as it is evident, will continue to have a devastating impact on the social, economic and political development of the country. It is well-known that corruption thrives when decision-making is unclear and arbitrary, when there is a lack of accountability and where the Government fails to introduce effective and adequate control measures. Unfortunately South Africa’s bad governance is putting the country in this dismal situation. It is a pity that those who have expected to be liberated from oppression and poverty,the poor and unemployed, are particularly the ones who suffer most due to the high level of corruption.